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Make headway in a taxi-booking industry with an advanced mobile application. Delivering incredible taxi booking app at highly reasonable pricing, we pride in keeping our customers fully satisfied. We deliver services that are driven with passion and excellence. Gathering the finest resources, we make sure to perform state-of-art development. We provide mobile apps like taxi booking services to help customers reach new levels of success. We spare no effort to keep your app unique in terms of functionality and interface.

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Breakthrough Technology

We, being a leading taxi booking app development company, stand firm on fulfilling our promises. We have been working in the app industry for years and have the right expertise to enhance the appeal of every creation. Focusing on every aspect of an app, we invest our dedication in bringing out the appeal. We know how to keep the audience engaged and so we make our taxi-booking apps with a flair of creativity that keeps the viewers and users indulged and fascinated.

Our Cross-Functional Taxi Booking Applications

Take a glimpse of our feature-rich taxi-booking app. We create an interface that can cater to the needs of our valued customer without any hurdle or hassle. Learn about the features we provide:

Scheduled Bookings

We make an app like Uber adding all the basic services in it that can help customers like schedule bookings to save time.


We backed out app with high tech technology to provide flexible payment modes with secure servers to carry out transactions.

Trip/Cab Tracking

The app facilitates with efficient trip tracking facility where you can keep an eye on your routes and get assured about your safety.

Dynamic UI Rendering

The interface is designed to add more simplicity. We avoid adding complications when making an app like Uber in Android studio.

SMS Alerts

The push notifications will keep you updated about your ride status and send messages about ride confirmation and driver details.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)

The app is equipped with an advanced vehicle tracking system for enhanced safety of vehicles.

Multi-Currency Support

When creating an app for the taxi-booking industry we incorporate multiple currency support that enhances its usability.

View Trip Routes Using GPS

We back apps with an incredible GPS tracking system to guide drivers about the safest and shortest routes to travel thereby helping them to grab more passengers.

Automatic Fare Calculation

Our open-source taxi-booking app provides accurate fare calculations. The drivers can also view their monthly earnings and transfer them to personal account whenever they want.

Our Easy-To-Follow App Development Process

Developing an app involves a professional strategy to support the process. From conceptualization to creation, the entire app development process involves several stages. Our unmatched years of excellence help us identify methods to make highly-advanced booking taxi app. We know how we can make customers delightful and engaged.


Competitive Analysis

Learning about the target audience market’s progress is imperative. We delve deeper to know the problems associated with apps like Uber and other platforms offering similar services.


The Prototype

Using hands-on techniques, free taxi app template and impressive tools, we create high-tech taxi app. We first create its prototype to get a better idea about our design and its flaws.


UI/UX Design

We pout creativity dipped with shades of minimalism when designing the UI/UX of our apps. We make sure to position each element in a way that it attracts the user.


App Development

We have free taxi app builder that assist in creating state-of-art mobile apps. With interface bundled with easy-to-use features, we help our customer achieve success as fastest they can.


App Launch

Before we launch our app, we carry out a descriptive A/B testing to evaluate the app’s performance. We scrutinize every area to ensure flawlessness.

How Much Does It Cost To
Build A Basic Taxi App?

Keeping pricing competitive to the market, our taxi app development cost is extremely affordable. We provide custom app development services where your every requirement is catered. We incorporate unique features and stay close to our customers listening to their every query and helping them out at times of need. At reasonable rates, you get round the clock assistance with an assurance of quick turnaround delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get An App Like Uber?

Yes, we provide clone app development to customers where we seek inspiration from any other taxi-booking app and create a fascinating interface.

Do You Offer Customization Services?

yes, we do provide app customization services where we design a theme from scratch and code apps according to business needs.

How Much Time Will it Take To Create An Uber Cloned Taxi App?

The duration for on-demand services with custom requirements varies. It could be less than 2 weeks or more than 6 weeks.

Will You Provide The Prototype First To Approve?

Yes, we first send the prototype to give an idea about our app strategy and to know if the customer is satisfied with the design. In case of any changes, we improvise the prototype and resend it before we move forward.