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Are you looking for a great idea to create a taxi booking app? So, this comprehensive guide will help you in developing a flawless app.

Creating ride-hailing apps sounds like the most daunting task? And yet, it is unless you don’t get your hands on the right information or connect with the robust taxi building app platform. If you are hunting for information about how to create a taxi app with advanced app development solutions, then here you go!

Why The Demand Of Taxi Booking App Is Increasing?

These days the demand for taxi booking apps is getting higher, especially millennials are heading towards the taxi-hailing app and quitting the traditional taxi services. As they find convenience in traveling on taxi-hailing apps rather than driving their own car.

Due to this, many people also quit the idea of having their car and stop spending money on maintenance costs, fuels, etc. Choosing taxi booking apps becomes their top priority. The reason is they know how the accessibility of taxi booking apps makes their outback comfortable and easy.

Our Cross-Functional Taxi Booking Applications

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In 2022, there are almost 6.648 smartphone users in the world, and almost every smartphone user has downloaded the taxi booking app on their devices. No offense, when you say the transportation industry evolved and taxi services completely transformed to taxi app services.

As per Statista, almost 47 million trips are completed each day by using taxi apps. And, it is estimated that the taxi market value will reach $534 billion by 2026. If you are willing to develop a taxi booking app, then there are several crucial points taken into consideration.

How Taxi Booking App Works (Taxi App Model)

Once you have planned to build a taxi app and are ready to offer taxi booking services, then it is crucial to understand how this idea works.

To make your taxi app development process easy, here you will read all the guidance and recommendations to build a taxi booking app with ease. Let’s dive into this!

Step #1 – Profile Creation

At first, the very first thing to consider is the profile creation process. It means passengers need to sign up with their phone number, email addresses, or any existing social media account.

Step #2 – Request quote

When a user opens the app, make sure they have options to mention their departure and arrival addresses. Also, they can choose the feasible payment address and even the type of vehicle in which they want to ride. Make sure the rider can also request other services.

Step #3 – Matching

When passengers send the request, drivers have options to accept the suitable ride. In such cases, the passenger receives all the relevant information about the driver such as car number, car model, driver’s name, number of rides, and rating. This feature allows drivers and passengers complete information. For instance, drivers receive the pick-up location. Every little information like GPS movement is also displayed on the screens.

Step #4 – Ride

If you are getting late, the system tracks the shortest route for you, so you can reach your destination on time. Once you get into the car and are ready to start your journey, the driver sends signals to the operating system, and then the tracking of your location begins. With this, you will be able to track your real-time location.

Step #5 – Payment Process

Another important feature to consider is the payment methods. Allow passengers to choose their payment methods with an app. Moreover, the most crucial thing is the passenger knows the ride’s cost beforehand, and what amount they need to withdraw when the ride is finished.

Step #6 – Rating or Feedback

Rating serves as the incentive for drivers. So, it is good for passengers to provide feedback or leave a review to each other. It offers rewards and encouragement in order to provide good taxi driving services.

How To Create A Taxi App?

To create a taxi booking app, it is necessary to understand the three main parts of a taxi booking app. Listed below;

Three main panels of Taxi Booking app:

  • Taxi booking app panel for Passenger
  • Taxi booking app panel for Drivers
  • Taxi booking app panel for Administrator
  1. Taxi Booking App Panel For Passenger

Customers always are the top priority of every business, whether you’re operating the food delivery business or looking forward to offering a taxi-booking service. Your users should always be your first priority, so make sure you offer them an unparalleled user experience.

So, the features you need to integrate into the taxi booking app panel are as follows;

Features to have in passenger panel for taxi booking app

  • Creating user-profile is a must (user login or sign up)
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Eligibility to set pickup point on the map without typing an address
  • Showing relevant information about the driver
  • Notification for a taxi booking and arrival
  • Options to select the vehicle type (mini car, go, auto)
  • Option to share a ride for security
  • Multiple payment options
  • In-app chat
  1. Taxi Booking App Panel For Driver

The driver panel is used by the riders in order to track the passenger location, ride acceptance, etc. The app for driver app includes vehicle detail, driver’s license, registration number, and even the image of the driver. The driver app panel is also known as the driver’s dashboard directly links with the admin app panel. So, the admins can easily track each activity of the driver and give registration numbers to them.

Below you read the important features to have in the driver panel for the taxi app.

Features to have in driver panel for taxi booking app

  • Passenger location on the map
  • Assist with the passenger’s name, house number, contact info, etc.
  • Have authority to accept the ride request and deny them
  • Advanced route optimization
  • Payment history
  • Total number of Rides undertaken
  1. Taxi Booking App Panel For Administrator

The admin panel for the taxi booking app is used to manage and streamlined the business operations. The main purpose of developing the admin panel is to manage each activity to run business smoothly and track each activity of drivers. Sometimes the taxi booking app builder combined the driver panel and admin panel if it is required by the developer.

To develop a perfect dashboard for administrators, check out the list below;

Features to have in administrator panel for taxi booking app

  • Need to access the Trip detail option (booked rides, active and completed rides)
  • Have a Chart with every recent update of the driver
  • A live map (track vehicle, passengers, and driver location)
  • Access to passenger information
  • Authority to control each transaction
  • Easily manages the drivers’ activities
  1. One touch

This feature makes your app easier to use, as it led to avoiding miscommunications between drivers and passengers. One touch feature is used to speed up the taxi booking app. It allows using the app without the need for too much effort.

  1. Coupons

This feature allows you to offer deals and discounts to your customers. It is the kind of promotional activity, apart from this, it increases brand loyalty and offers a competitive edge among your rivals.

  1. Taxi booking feature

This is the special feature that allows customers to book their favored cab and also shows the fare and route.

  1. Navigation

It helps to calculate your destination and be aware of your location.

  1. App analytics

This feature helps to evaluate the app performance, and gradually improve it to enhance customer satisfaction.

Technological Stack You Need To Create Taxi Booking App

Here is the list of the most important technological stack that taxi app builder need. So, checkout below;

Programming LanguagesUtilitiesDatabaseDevopsBusiness tools
Objective CMixpanelRedisPrometheusiDoneThis

The technology stack helps the taxi app builder to develop sustainable, advanced, and rich-featured apps in the fastest and most efficient way.

If you are tempted about the cost of developing a taxi app, you can build this app by using a free taxi app builder. It is simply the self-service program that is designed in order to help app creators to get the flawless taxi app without having coding skills.

Once you choose the top taxi booking app builder free, you can efficiently create a functional app that you can publish on different app stores such as the Apple Store or Google Play store. You only need to choose the template that meets your demand and helps to build taxi booking app for free.

5 Major Pillars To Develop Taxi Booking App

After reading the taxi booking app business model, features, and technological stacks, it is imperative to learn about the five pillars to create a taxi booking app flawlessly.

So, without further ado, here you go!

  1. Design Of Taxi Booking App

Visualize your application with an attractive UI design

First thing first, and it is the design of your taxi booking app. Make sure your application must have an interactive user interface. You need to design your application as per the needs and requirements of passengers and drivers.

Keep in mind that interactive UI is considered as the key for taxi booking apps. When you are planning to develop a flawless app, then it is good to consider the elements that appeal to the UI design of your app.

  1. Backend Development

Set up the groundwork of your taxi booking app by using advanced backend technologies

The backend is simply the BTS of your application. It incorporates the functionalities of your taxi booking app with a database. It is the centralized tool that serves your application in different ways. Above, you read the technological stacks such as Java, Swift, Objective C, etc. all these are used to develop the backend of your taxi booking app.

  1. API Integration

Must integrate APIs for various application components

Integrating APIs is essential to enhance the functionality of your app that including payment, location, push notification, booking, app analytics, etc. The API complements provide users with the direct medium to interact with different functionalities that integrate into your application. It plays a massive role in the development of impeccable taxi booking apps.

  1. Testing

Evaluate your taxi booking app functionality and quality

After finalizing the structure of your app, make sure you run the app testing to check its functionality. Quality analysts help you to check the efficiency of your taxi app, functionality, usability, and effectiveness. It helps you to analyze the real-time functioning of your application.

  1. Launch

Launch your application after managing each loophole

After the app testing stage, it is time to launch your app on the different app stores such as Google Play and App Store. But ensure that your application is free from any flaws and delivers a remarkable user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a taxi booking app?

The cost to make a taxi booking app starts from $46,000 to $50,000. It is the estimated cost of creating a taxi app. The features that can also affect its cost such as UI and UX design, backend development, testing, etc.

How do I create a taxi booking app?

The simplest way to create a taxi booking app is to get in touch with the best app development agency that helps to manage each work and make sure to build an app by using advanced app development features.

How long does it take to develop a taxi booking app?

The taxi booking app development takes approximately 4 to 6 months for the complete process. It includes the admin panel, driver panel, and passenger panel.

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